Her many years of handling horses, in addition to an extraordinary sensitivity to them, make her someone of absolute confidence to leave in her hands the physical, emotional and sports care.

She monitors each one to make sure they are at their optimum level to compete, and possesses a solid base of knowledge and experience with horse riding at all levels which is reflected in the way they feed, care for, prepare and train them. every day for this sport, since it is essential that they have an optimum level of health and nutrition.

She learned from the best riders in Argentina to have an impeccable discipline reflected in his attention to detail in the cleaning and organization of the Barn. She gives everything for the welfare of each horse as if she were a member of her family, which makes her a tireless motivator for horses and owners.

All this aimed at creating a healthy and fun working family atmosphere where you can spend all day in an efficient but above all cheerful way.